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Name: Shinja Mirabe
Alias: Namida
Age: 29-30, 32-33 [Part II]
Birthday: December 24th, Capricorn
Affiliation: Land of Sound [birthplace], Land of Waterfalls, Takigakure, Kuroniku Clan
Classification: Shinja has no specific classification.
Rank: jounin, ANBU [Part II]
Job: Shinja Mirabe has worked several jobs in her past, but currently she works specifically for the Kuroniku Clan as a private bounty hunter.
Personality: Shinja is a dominant-realistic type; she wants to make the world fit her ideals and she will do anything to achieve her goals. At first glance, Shinja appears to be no real threat, but it goes far deeper than that. Shinja is quite the charmer and she can be very charismatic at first glance. She puts on a good facade of being a people's person. Sugary sweet with just a hint of condescension. Her philosophy is that honey draws more flies than vinegar. Shinja can be passive-aggressive even when she is supposedly being sweet, making sharp comments towards other people while calling them "sugar" and "honey" and all that.
       Shinja is relatively extroverted and she has no inhibitions; she's not concerned with how much skin she's showing as long as she's comfortable. A touchy-feely person so to speak and Shinja tends to invade other people's personal space without realizing or caring. She also has a superiority complex, often appearing to be taller than another to make herself more intimidating or "right" in a sense. Often very stubborn and she refuses to back down from her position. One-track minded; Shinja can be seen as almost a sociopath or zealous in nature. Ambitious would be an understatement for her. When she wants to accomplish a goal, she will do anything she can to achieve it, even if it causes harm to people that supposedly care for her.  However, Shinja has conflicting feelings about the people that she cares for and she prefers the term "affectionate pawns" towards those she likes but must manipulate for her cause. She is an over-achiever and once one of her goals is accomplished, she finds that it is not good enough for her and she only demands more. Shinja is highly methodical and she can often be ruthless or cold with these methods.
      Although Shinja is quite the extrovert, Shinja rarely allows people to get close to her. She lacks the emotional capacity to maintain a proper friendship and she only sees people in terms of what she can get out of them and what they can do for her. It is almost impossible to say if Shinja has ever held any close friends in her life. From the outside, it does appear that she has a few "friends", but not many.
      Shinja is noted to be dependable in completing missions and meeting deadlines, but she is untrustworthy as a person and most people use the phrase "you can never trust a snake" to describe her. When she wants to manipulate someone, she observes them first. There are several factors she takes into account, such as their tone, what they're saying, body language, any gestures and postures. From their speech, Shinja can determine some of their personality traits...and their weaknesses. She then uses these along with empathy to manipulate others into doing what she wants. On very few occasions Shinja has expressed even a minuscule remorse for what she has done, only to say that the end justifies the means.
   Often, Shinja attempts to present herself as a composed lady who is quite classy despite the fact that she shows some skin. However, her temper betrays this.   

     An interesting part of Shinja's personality would be how she acts around her primary love interest, Daisuke Kuroniku. She teeters on the verge of fanatical devotion to lust for him. Shinja tends to be more "sweet" so to speak around him and he seems to be the only person that Shinja can be somewhat nice to. She holds a genuine affection for the man and often talks about marriage around him. She seems to be quite aware of what Daisuke wants and she had known about the Kuroniku clan coup as he was corresponding with her at the time. Shinja happens to be manipulating him and vice versa—Shinja is deceiving Daisuke so that she may have a position of power while Daisuke is manipulating her to help commit his niece's murder. She seems to be quite aware of this, but she says as long as Daisuke is not directly interfering with her plans then she is fine. Besides, working for the Kuroniku clan is a steady income and it puts her in a position of power already, as the Kuroniku clan is prominent in Takigakure politics. However, Shinja plans to move up the ranks and if she cannot become the village head of Takigakure, she plans to be the village head's advisor. After all, she could highly influence the village head: a position that Daisuke has been eying for years anyway. Their relationship is self-destructive, a Bonnie-and-Clyde type relationship. Daisuke feels a little attraction to her although he is more focused on his own goals. He does provide her with some comforts and he has pulled some strings of his own to get Shinja where she is, for which Shinja is appreciative.
    One of Shinja's personality traits is that she seems very aware of what she's doing. She knows that the fact that she is a private bounty hunter for a clan is corrupt, and she knows that manipulating people is wrong. However, she doesn't care very much. Her reasoning is that she has a goal that she would do anything for. What is lying, scraping the bottom of the barrel, anything to her as long as she achieves her goal? It doesn't matter to her as Shinja has very few friends and no bridges to burn. Quite caught up in the glamor of being a villain. She enjoys the scandal, the tragedy, and the "romantic" aspects of it all. She views herself as a beautifully tragic character caught in the middle of some period drama. To say that Shinja has a large ego would be an understatement. On the subject of herself, Shinja views herself with rose colored glasses; she is perfectly normal; it's everyone else who is fucked up. It's always somebody else's fault; she very rarely puts the blame on herself. She can be overly critical of others, but when it comes to her, she is flawless and without blame. Her world view is a bit skewed.
    Shinja enjoys "girly" things and she enjoys various fashion styles, and looking at jewelry. To her, kunoichi are quite exotic creatures as they can be so alluring and yet deadly. For some reason she tends to envy seductresses as she views them as glamorous. She also likes make-up, but she feels that most women are too gaudy and they end up looking like clowns. Her jewelry and clothing style is based off of the Land of Runes, a small country underneath the deserts of the Land of Wind. She lived there for a while in her childhood and finds it an exotic place.  Shinja is a slight hypocrite as she claims to hate people who use men for money or otherwise, even though she has done so herself in the past. Men with standards  are high on   Shinja's "list of respect" and she has a soft spot for romantic gestures. She thinks that men who do that are "so sweet" and she sort of wishes that Daisuke would do the same for her.  She finds  that she quite enjoys cheesy romance stories and what we would call "bodice rippers".   Shinja is in love with the concept of chivalry and romance, and as a result she finds  trashy  men distasteful. She finds that men who are only interested in sex are disgusting.  Although she finds children sweet in their innocence and naivety of the world, she has never considered having children and she said that if she had children, she would be an unfit parent.                                            
    Although Shinja puts on a good face for people, she also enjoys her down time. Most of it is spent reading or studying in solitude, preferably in a cold or damp area. Shinja is musically inclined; her singing voice is quite alluring and she has shown an affinity for the koto. She practices for pleasure and she uses her talents on missions to attract men to her for information. Reptiles are among Shinja's favorite creatures and she loves lizards and snakes, having quite a few of them purely for companionship. When one of her snakes is killed in combat, she becomes visibly distraught, claiming that one of her "babies" has been murdered and she she shall avenger her baby's death by killing her opponent in a vicious manner.
Meat is one of Shinja's favorite foods; she doesn't care what kind of meat it is and she tends to prefer meat dishes over vegetarian or vegetable dishes. Shinja is known to have sharp teeth and she has a bad habit of chewing on her nails, a pen cap—whatever she can. She barely even notices it. When she is aggravated, Shinja will often dig her fingernails into her skin and claw at it with short, furious swipes or she will rip off her fingernails, not caring if it hurts or not. Shinja has shown a distaste for bright lights and she prefers her room to be nice and dark--she claims it helps her sleep as she also has problems falling asleep at night. She also finds that she loves nice, warm weather so she thrives in Takigakure's humid climate; she loathes going to the northern countries such as the Land of Lightning and the Land of Snow.
    With labeled folders and files of research everywhere, Shinja is known to be a very organized person; she appears to be anal in this aspect as she despises messes or disorganization in any way.
    Shinja's greatest flaw is her temper. When she finds that she cannot manipulate someone to her bidding, she finds herself distraught. On missions, she results to physical violence. No matter what, she never seems to hard on herself. Every excuse under the sun is used to condone Shinja's wrath and she is never too hard on herself, although she tends to make passive-aggressive comments about others and their flaws. Arrogance leads Shinja to believe she is beyond flaws and therefore she gets very upset if someone were to point them out.
 In battle, Shinja's sadistic side comes out in full force. She enjoys taunting her opponents when they find themselves in a sticky situation, and she is truly amused by suffering. Shinja enjoys seeing people in pain so much that she is sexually aroused by others' misery. However, Shinja is also easily upset in battle as she seems more emotionally involved. The main way to make her distraught is to kill one of her snakes, which will put her in a murderous rage. Easy targets bore her and the real thrill of battle is in the chase. Playing cat and mouse tends to excite her and she finds great pleasure in mercilessly hunting down her target and killing them in a battle of wits.
     Shinja is known to be vindictive. Once you wrong her in any way, she will not forget it. She will then do anything in her power to hinder you. She will not stop until she has your body before you at her feet. She shows no mercy and no forgiveness. Her opinion of you is written in ink and she rarely if ever changes her mind about people. Respect is earned, not given. If you give her some reason to like you, she probably will. However, Shinja trusts very few people and it is almost impossible to obtain her trust. But if you somehow get on her bad side, don't expect any favors from her at all.
    Shinja has always been a saving soul and she doesn't like spending money she doesn't have. She prefers to hoard her money, only spending it when she really needs it. Even then, what ever she has is not good enough for her and she always requires more. She would be considered excessive not in the fact that she spends money, but makes money. However, Shinja likes having a cushion; in case something goes wrong, she's covered. She also gets benefits from Daisuke so she is in no dire financial need. Any missions she takes, she does them purely because she wants to; Shinja no longer sees being a ninja as a necessity but something she does to keep her amused.
    In addition to Shinja's superiority complex, she likes people treating her with respect and loves it when people affix proper suffixes to her name, denoting her importance. Her arrogance leads her to believe that she is indeed something special; Shinja suffers a little bit from "special snowflake syndrome". She believes that there is no other like her and that she should be respected as something unique and flawless, like a diamond in the rough. Shinja's arrogance leads her to a skewed view on herself and the world.
    Shinja's relationship with Aya Kuroniku is odd: both of them are enemies and yet Shinja has an odd fascination with her. Aya happens to be one of those tough targets that just seems to slip out of her hands. As Shinja enjoys playing cat and mouse, she sees herself persuing Aya as a sort of game, a dangerous game at that. As Daisuke wants Aya gone, so does Shinja. Not only does she want to see Aya gone, but ruined. Absolutely, positively ruined and dragged down as far as she can go. Shinja possesses a deep and powerful loathing for the girl, thinking her very obnoxious and nothing more than a brat. Shinja would personally like to be the cause of Aya's ruin and murder herself. To her, Aya is nothing more than a barrier in between her and power.
   Not much is known about Shinja's relationships with men except that she has had a few. She is what is known as a "gold digger", deceiving men and draining them dry of money and whatever else she needs of them before leaving them to rot. Again, she sees nothing wrong with this. Shinja knows how to keep those she wants around, and she has no problems disposing of those she no longer needs. Shinja's sexuality is actually undetermined and she considers herself a biromantic asexual. She has little desire in the sexual aspect of having a relationship and she truly does desire to have a romantic relationship with someone, but she feels that she lacks the capacity for that.
   Shinja's alignment would be lawful evil, as she sees the system as easy to exploit and obeys her superiors, but she shows little to no concern for the well being of others and she doesn't see anything wrong with twisting the rules to be in her favor. She does face a conflict on whether to act on her more "evil" instincts or the law, although it is more of a "will I get caught?" and "what's in it for me?"
Likes: meat, money, reptiles, snakes, dragons, warm and damp climates, getting what she wants, playing the flute, singing, sleeping, dark places, earth tones, rich colors, make-up, lip gloss, cheesy romance novels, peacocks,
Dislikes: vegetable dishes, people killing her snakes, not getting her way, cold weather, stupid people, Aya, sticky sweet dishes, cool colors, gossip (presumably about herself), and winter.

Ninjutsu: 6/10
Genjutsu: 5/10
Taijutsu: 5/10
Fuinjutsu: 6/10
Medical Ninjutsu: 5/10
Kinjutsu: 5/10
Chakra Control: 5/10
Agility: 7/10
Strength: 5/10
Dexterity: 5/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Charisma: 7/10
Constitution: 9/10

Academy Graduation Age: 11
Chuunin Promotion Age: 13
Jounin Promotion Age: 20
ANBU Promotion Age: 25

Missions Completed: 895
D-Rank: 249|C-Rank: 190|B-Rank: 320|A-Rank: 110|S-Rank:
Chakra Nature: Earth Release
Range: Close to Mid
-various poisons and venoms at her disposal
-black eggs
-rope and wire string
-various seals
-golden finger claw with cobra venom.
Summons: Shinja has an affinity for snakes and she has a contract with several species of snakes.
    Shinja is relatively talented in the ninja arts, having graduated from the Academy when she was only eleven and obtaining ANBU status at what is considered an early age. Her fighting style is based off of deception and traps, which is complementary to her personality. Tends to fight at a close to mid range in combat. Because she is an ANBU, Shinja is an "elite" kunoichi and she also works as a private bounty hunter for the Kuroniku clan. Daisuke places the utmost confidence in her and entrusts important tasks to her such as aiding in Aya's death. Shinja loves long, drawn-out battles in which her opponents are pushed to their limit; for some reason it provides great entertainment to see them struggle for survival. A sadist, Shinja enjoys seeing other people suffer and she derives pleasure from their pain, so she often uses slow acting poisons with delayed effects. To watch others squirm and writhe to defeat her when they are up against certain death is a pleasure to her.
   In battle, Shinja tends to be more emotionally involved and this can be used against her. Her temper flares in combat at the slightest thing: a remark, or even her opponent's facial expression. The number one way to dismay Shinja is to kill or injure one of her snake summons in combat. She is quite close to them and she even keeps around her snakes for companionship. Shinja will cry out that one of her "babies" has been killed or otherwise maimed. She will then avenge her baby's death by lashing out at the opponent, attempting to kill them as viciously as possible. Shinja can be quite vulnerable in this state which also leaves her opponents an opportunity to strike. Due to her state in combat, she is also weak to genjutsu users. Genjutsu tends to bring up bad memories and emotions which in turn weakens her. The angrier she gets, the more she slips and allows more of her undesirable personality traits to come out.
      Shinja enjoys fighting in dark, damp places; it allows her an advantage over her opponents as she can see clearly in the dark. However, she hates fighting in places with bright lights.
    She also enjoys quite a bit of trash-talking in combat. At first, she maintains her cool demeanor and uses condescending and sugary nicknames such as "sweetheart" or "honey". As the battle drags on, this demeanor fades as she gets more and more frustrated with her opponents. Finally, she will become so angry that she will attempt to attack her opponents in any way possible. The only time she gets bored with an opponent is when she feels that they are so beneath her that they are not even worth the time or effort to battle with. Although Daisuke does admire Shinja's abilities as a kunoichi, he also claims that she is a double-edged sword.
       Although Shinja is said to be at least above average in most areas, she prefers using her snakes in battle. She tends to stand still during battle, letting her snakes do all the work while she controls them. However, when she intends to attack her opponents with her bloodline limit, Shinja has demonstrated above average agility. However, she is not good with hand to hand combat and she only has average strength; she is considered weak by shinobi standards.
    Shinja is known to possess earth as her chakra nature, but she rarely if ever uses elemental ninjutsu. She expresses frustration when facing enemies that use elemental ninjutsu, especially fire-based users or lightning users, who have an advantage over her. Plus, she has been burned before by a Fire Release user before, which has resulted in a nasty burn across her chest.
Part of her unique kekkei genkai allows her to transform partially into a Naga like creature; she uses her Half Snake Transformation technique to increase her agility as well as strangle her opponents to death with her tail. The tattoos are actually a fuinjutsu that allow her to reveal part of her "true identity", which is also the final form of her bloodline limit and it allows her to become more animalistic.

     Strategy: One of her main strong points in combat is her strategy. Before attacking, Shinja will deduce her opponent's weaknesses and strengths. This allows her to formulate a plan based on how they attack. When her first plan does not work, she is able to come up with a back-up plan. Shinja is also intelligent,a strength commented on by Yume no Taki. She is quite methodical and ruthless, which allows her to have an advantage in battle. Shinja also observes her enemy's body language and facial expressions in combat to see if her techniques were effective. Has a good sense of timing which allows her to use her bloodline limit most effectively. She is also seen to be quite resourceful, as she can use the natural surroundings to camouflage herself and wait for the perfect chance to strike. Shinja prefers fighting in the dark as it gives her the element of surprise. Shinja's strategy in battle is not to simply use sheer force, but to actually strike as little and effectively as possible. Shinja always likes a good    challenge in battle. A battle of wits is what her fighting style boils down to. She is certain that she can outlast her opponent; it is up to them to see how long they can stand against her.  However, her anger can get in the way.
Summons: Obviously, Shinja has the ability to summon snakes in combat. She has a contract with several species of snakes. Smaller snakes are used to dispatch an enemy quietly or for spying. Her larger summons, such as cobras and vipers, are used for finishing off her opponent. Shinja can summon quite a few of her smaller snakes at once with little chakra expense. However, it is difficult to summon her larger snakes at once;  the more snakes she summons, the more chakra she expends. They take up a considerable amount of chakra in comparison to her smaller snakes. In battle, she tends to reserve her chakra so that she can summon her large snakes in a pinch. Her favorite snake to use is Kumori, a king cobra. Although she mostly uses these summons in combat, she values each and every one greatly. If one of her snakes is injured in battle, she is visibly distraught. When Shinja feels that mid-range combat would be better, she has a special skill that was passed on to her by her mother; she can control or "charm"  her snake summons with a small hand drum known as a tsuzumi. By playing a specific song on her tsuzumi, she can make her snakes perform various actions. Her larger snakes are also used to paralyze or otherwise restrict her opponent's movements. Shinja's snakes also play an important part of her ninjutsu and her fighting style.
Kekkei Genkai: Shinja's bloodline limit is considered unique and a bit odd, even by shinobi standards. It has no official name, but it is believed to originate in the Land of Sound. In Shinja's saliva glands, she also has venom glands, where she produces a special kind of snake venom. In addition to having venom glands, Shinja also possesses hollow fangs to bite her opponents. When she bites down on her opponent, the muscles contract and it releases the venom. The venom carries hemotoxins, which  destroy red blood cells, cause organ degeneration, and cause tissue damage. Hemotoxins work much slower in comparison to neurotoxins and depending on the bite, size, and location of the bite, symptoms could be delayed for several hours. She also has a hole under her tongue which she can spit her venom out of for long-range use as well. When she prepares to attack, Shinja's scleras turn black and her eyes turn a light yellow. Her pupils dilate and enlongate to become more snake-like. Just before she attacks, her fangs enlongate as well.
       Shinja seems more aware of everything around her of in this state and she reverts to a more animal-like state. Her emotions are also heightened as well and she can be quite vulnerable. Shinja cannot maintain this state for long, as it might become permanent and it might cause damage to her chakra circulatory system. The bloodline limit puts quite a strain on her body. As a result, Shinja also suffers from chronic pain and has to take medication to relieve the pain. To have her stay in this state would be an act of desperation on her part and any shinobi who accomplishes this is of value.
Poisons:  Along with her snake theme, Shinja is also noted to be quite the poison user. At her disposal, she carries about several different types of poisons, such as neurotoxins, aphrodisiacs, and some with paralyzing effects. She also gathers poison from berries and plants all around the Five Shinobi Nations. Not only that, but she also collects venom from her snakes as well as other poisonous animals and insects. Shinja carries them around in liquid form which she dips her weapons in. She also has bombs which contain the poison. Shinja carries around a small mask for occasions when she has to use her poison bombs. As well as carrying around poisons, Shinja also carries around a few antidotes in case she or her teammate is poisoned. She keeps all of her poisons and antidotes in a small scroll for convenience purposes.
Constitution and Stamina: Two of her most valuable traits in combat that allow her to stay in battle as long as she possibly can. She can take a hit fairly well physically, although it does cause her temper to flare a bit if someone were to even land one on her; she is so arrogant that she believes herself invincible, or almost invincible anyway. Due to being a poison user, Shinja has exposed herself to small doses of various poisons over the years.  She can hold her own against most common poisons and toxins. Her stamina is said to be relatively high while her amount of chakra is average or even below average. Not much of a hand to hand fighter, Shinja's main strategy is to stay in the game without expending too much energy and to basically "outlive" her opponent. Shinja faces difficulty against opponents with great stamina or a large amount of chakra. It conflicts with her strategy, which is to wait them out until they are exhausted and then kill them.

List of Jutsu:
-Summoning (Snakes)
-Walking on Water technique
-Body Replacement technique
-Transformation technique
-Body Replacement technique
-Poison Mist
-Body Flicker technique
-Snake Charming technique
-Soutei Kobura no Oujou technique
-Hissatsu technique
-Unnamed Kekkei Genkai
-Genjutsu Release
Taijutsu: N/A
-Generic Sealing Technique
-Chakra Draining Seal

Past: Shinja was born to Miyabi Mirabe and an unknown father on the top floor of a hotel in the Land of Sound. Shinja's mother was a snake charmer and her true profession is unclear, although it is hinted at that Miyabi was a prostitute as well. Miyabi's lover deserted her after discovering she was pregnant as he was already married and he did not want his wife to find out. Early life for Shinja was far from normal, but she was not unhappy. Miyabi exposed Shinja to snakes at an early age, letting her play with defanged snakes who also had their venom glands removed. Shinja always had a fascination with snakes, finding them to be beautiful yet deadly creatures. She also taught her how to play the drums with a small hand drum. Then she taught Shinja how to "charm" her snake with a specific song. The two would travel to small villages on market day and during festivals; Shinja and Miyabi would perform for a while, and Shinja would perform solo for a bit while Miyabi "worked the streets" so to speak. Miyabi loved her daughter very much, although there was something a little off about her. She tried to ignore it and raise Shinja as best as she could. In an effort to get closer to Shinja's father, she and Shinja lived in the Land of Runes for quite a time. The Land of Runes is a desert like country just north of the Land of Wind. Due to Miyabi being unable to find him, she left with Shinja and a broken heart. Shinja loved the Land of Runes, which was a beautiful and exotic country in comparison to the rest of the Shinobi Nations.  However, Miyabi's financial situation left her unable to take care of Shinja properly. Miyabi decided that she could not take care of Shinja any longer.To her, Shinja could not waste her life as a wandering street performer when there was so much more to live for. She would rather have Shinja become a kunoichi and make something worthwhile of her life. While stopping off at Takigakure, Miyabi signed some papers and put her up for adoption. Before leaving, Miyabi tearfully hugged Shinja goodbye and told her that she had potential and to make good use of her life.
   Shinja was adopted by an old man, a snake summoner himself before he retired from shinobi duties, who lived in a small cottage. He took an active interest in Shinja's education but not much else. Her relationship with the old man was odd as he was the only person besides her mother that she halfway cared about. In the academy, Shinja made exceptional grades and she was a good student. She had mixed reviews from her teachers, saying that she was a bright kid but they did not understand why she had problems interacting with others. When it came to her other classmates, Shinja was always slightly disconnected. She seemed to openly antagonize others and she was considered somewhat of a bully to others. Although Shinja had good marks, her record was also marked with disciplinary problems. She graduated third in her class.
     After some disastrous relationships with her teammates, Shinja found that she could get much better reactions by at least pretending to be nice. So she put on a facade for others to see: an extroverted and sweet but slightly condescending young girl. It was much easier for others to deal with her and it did not put her out of the norm. Once she was a genin, Shinja took any mission she could, trying to climb up the ranks of a ninja. Before her fourteenth birthday, the old man who was taking care of her passed away. He had been watching her progress and he was quite pleased with her. There was potential in her, he often thought. However, he left a note for her: directions for a small cave where snakes that would make contracts with her; the same snakes that he made a contract with so long ago. The snakes were picky with who they choose to become their summoners. Someone who was worthy of their service. They did not want idle hands; they wanted to be used by someone with an ambitious heart. Someone destined for greatness. So one night Shinja set off for the cave to make a contract with the snakes, only to find the Snake Sage: a naga-like creature that guarded the cave and the "The King and Father of All Reptiles". He noticed a certain force in her chakra; something in her had the potential to become a great power. Shinja affirmed she was there to make a contract. To test her intelligence, the snake sage asked her to solve several riddles and word problems. Finally, the snake sage asked if she trusted him. Shinja denied this; snakes are generally untrustworthy creatures. The snake sage was pleased with her answer and he allowed her to make a contract.
    It is not specifically stated, but in her late teens she is said to have several short-lived romances with men.
   With her new found summons, Shinja found that she was able to incorporate snakes and her talent for snake charming into her fighting style. As a result, she was a much stronger force in combat than before. Shinja was already a jounin by the time she was twenty. Most jounin take a genin team but not Shinja; she claimed that it would interfere with her plans. Shinja met Daisuke Kuroniku on a practice field on the outskirts of Takigakure. They were the only ones there at the time so she struck up a conversation. She found himself admiring his ambition. Even though he was only an advisor to the clan leader, he vowed to surpass his brother one day. Shinja wished him good luck on his quest and moved on. But that would not be the last time the two corresponded; in a series of letters, Daisuke detailed his plans for the future and eventually the coup he planned to lead against his brother. The more they talked, the more enamored Shinja became with this man. However, to cover their tracks, Shinja burned the letters.
    Shortly before the coup, Shinja was promoted to ANBU. Daisuke struck up a deal with her after the coup; work for him and he would double her salary as well as provide extra benefits for her. Shinja accepted graciously. The two found comfort in each other and Shinja felt an inkling of affection for him. Shinja knew that the girl who slipped away Takigakure, Aya, would eventually present herself as a threat one day. She wanted to be rid of her before she became more than a mild nuisance. The first time she encounters Aya, Aya insulted her appearance. This led Shinja to attack but she was blocked by Yume. Yume casted an illusion on her which hurt Shinja and allowed Aya to escape. Ever since, Shinja has held a hate for Yume and that "snotty brat". But in her recent encounters, Aya has matured and become stronger. Shinja is actually quite pleased with ths; now that Aya is actually a worthy opponent, she looks forward to taking her down and killing her.
-Shinja means "sacred snake" while Mirabe means "charm".
-Shinja's favorite food is meat and her least favorite foods are salads.
-Shinja wishes to fight Aya Kuroniku although she also wishes to fight any strong ninja that would prove to be a challenge.
-Shinja's zodiac sign relates to her as unpredictable or erratic people are often referred to as capricious.
-For some reason, Shinja loves paper lanterns but she hates bright lights. She collects various paper lanterns and never uses them.
-Her favorite word is 'mystery' (fushigi).
-It is known that Shinja has had relationships with the men in the past, it is unknown if Shinja has ever had any relationships with women before. Shinja's answers on the matter range from positive hints to negative ones, to flat out telling people it isn't any of their business.
-Shinja is also hinted to have a descendant that was part-Naga.
-Although Shinja is from Takigakure, she still has a very heavy Land of Sound theme-snakes and reptiles are a major part of her theme as well as using a musical instrument as a weapon.
-It is known that at one point, Shinja thought Kabuto Yakushi was a "cute kid".
-Shinja's hobbies are reading, singing, and playing the koto. She has also dabbled in writing but she is not very good at it.
-Shinja is known as Namida when she corresponds with Daisuke when she is on a mission. She got the idea from the phrase "crocodile tears", seeing as though she is commonly associated with reptiles and crocodile tears is a display of fake or insincere sympathy.
-The tattoos on Shinja's front and back were given to her by Daisuke as a sign that she was affiliated with the Kuroniku clan. However, they are actually fuinjutsu seals that allow her to access the final stage of kekkei genkai. This was given to her after she accepted Daisuke's offer as one of her benefits.
-Snakes are commonly associated with vindictiveness, intellect, and awareness: some of Shinja's personality traits.
Art by =Hanatan

This is my Naruto OC, Shinja Mirabe. She's an antagonist in Aya's story and she is a prettyful snake charmer.
Everything you should know about her is in the profile.
Don't be afraid to ask anything about her. ;P
I might write a couple of drabbles with her and Aya...hmmm

Shinja, Aya, Daisuke, the Kuroniku clan/me
Please don't steal
Please guys
I put too much work into this.
It's not cool--I've seen it about three times today.
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PeanutHime Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Is there a larger file of her picture? C:
Kura-Kairai Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love that character <33
Would you mind if I might draw a picture of her soon? ^^
cirrusly Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Oh, thank you so much!! ;A; Oh, I would love that!! That wouldn't be a problem at all! ^^ :tighthug:
Kura-Kairai Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very welcome :heart: You can be glad to have such a great character <33
Yay <333 Maye I'll start today (although I'm very busy lately xD). I think it will be a chibi, hope that's ok <3
cirrusly Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Yup, I put a lot of effort into her story and personality. x,D I can't say anything about her looks--that's all up to Hana. :giggle:
Oh, there's no hurry or anything! I'm just very excited that someone would like my characters so much they'd draw 'em! xD
Kura-Kairai Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My English isn't very good and so I don't understand everything in her info but it seems to be very nice <3
Yes, Hana's designs are just amazing <3

Hehe, I have many CMs to do but I guess I'll find time to draw her 'cause it seems to be fun :3
cirrusly Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
That's okay! ^^ If you have any questions about her info, feel free to ask!

Yup, they're gorgeous~

Thank you so much! It really means a lot. :love:
Kura-Kairai Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, thank you <3

No problem, still can't believe how awesome she is <33 xD
Honoka--chan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist
I really love this character! A snake charmer character is really unique, especially to the fact that she is a gold digger, which really makes me like her for some reason :D I'm really fascinated by her kekkei genkei, it's so different from normal, using the various types of toxins.

I would definitely never want to meet her in a fight D: I'm looking forward to seeing more of this character! :XD:
cirrusly Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012
Thanks so much! : D Shinja plays an interesting part in Aya's storyline... I have big plans for her. >3
LieutenantKer Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I can see it.

Kana just walks up to her and he's like





and just shows off all of his sexy muscles

and then when he realizes she could probably kick his ass

he runs and hides behind Aya.

cirrusly Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
For some reason when I think of that I keep thinking of Kana and Shinja in a pokemon battle and Kana just like flees. :U
LieutenantKer Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
A wild SHINJA has appeared.



It's not effective!


It's super effective!

KANA flees!
Nyanri Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved this when I read it as an appeal >w<
cirrusly Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Thank ya so much. ;D Shinja is a lovely character and I love her personality to bits...even if it does make her a terrible person. XD;
Nyanri Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She's still really cool xD !
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